For bookworms, the importance of bookmarks is well-known. You find plenty of bookmarks in stores but as a book lover, you want something that you can easily connect with every time you open a book – that’s personalized design. What can you do if you really need one that gives you a personalized look and feel? One of the easiest things to do is create your own bookmark template. Once you learn how to make a bookmark, you’ll realize that it’s a simple and easy process.

Bookmark Templates

Things to consider when designing your bookmark

Before creating your bookmark template, you should first know the importance of a bookmark. Whether you’re a voracious reader, you like browsing through magazines or you’re a student who needs to read a lot of thick books, one of the most important things you need to avoid losing your place is a bookmark.

While some people use scrap pieces of paper like used envelopes, receipts, or movie tickets, these won’t serve you well in the long run. Instead, it’s better for you to create your own bookmark template or download a free bookmark template online. Bookmarks are very useful and you can personalize them however you wish!

Creating a bookmark template Word is the easiest thing to do, but you can also use other types of software for this task. Learning how to make a bookmark allows you to come up with bookmarks of different designs and sizes. The more you practice creating bookmark templates Word, the easier it becomes.

You can create bookmarks with designs which are just as original as the books and magazines you read. You can even start your own customized bookmark business and sell your creations to customers. When it comes to designs of free bookmark templates, there are so many possibilities.

Before making or customizing a bookmark template Word, have a brainstorming session first. Create a sketch of the design you want then try replicating this design on your computer. You can also create handmade bookmarks using different materials if you’re into crafting.

No matter what type of bookmark template you plan to use, consider these things first:

  • Audience
    Think about who will use the bookmarks you make. Are you making them for yourself? Do you plan to give the bookmarks to your friends or do you plan to sell them? Knowing your audience makes it easier for you to come up with a design.
  • Materials
    What materials do you plan on using? If you’re using a free bookmark template, just download the template and print it on high-quality cardstock. But if you plan to make crafty bookmarks, then you may need more materials.
  • Quantity
    Do you plan to make a single bookmark or do you need several of the same design? Think about the quantity so that you know the number of materials you may need.
  • Time
    How complex do you want your bookmarks to be? The more complex they are, the more time you would need to make them. If you don’t have a lot of time, this might be an issue for you.
  • Budget
    Bookmarks are fairly simple which means that you won’t have to spend a lot of money making them. But if you have the money to spend, you may choose more expensive materials for crafting your bookmarks.

Printable Bookmarks

Customizing and using your bookmark template

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to make their own bookmarks. Whether you’re a book lover who adores bookmarks, you just like creating lovely, crafty designs or you’re a professional who wants to create a clever bookmark to use as a marketing tool, learning how to make a bookmark will prove useful.

After considering all of the important factors, it’s time to start making your own bookmark template. Here are some pointers to help you out:

  • Use graphics or images to personalize the design
    One of the most effective ways to personalize the design of a bookmark template Word is to use graphics or images. There are so many options to download online and you have the freedom to choose which one suits your design best. There are animals, trees, cartoons, icons, and other design elements to use.
    Just make sure that any graphics or image you use must be of a high-resolution. That way, you can resize the image without compromising its quality. Also, using a high-res image allows you to print it out clearly no matter what size your bookmark is.
  • Decide how you want to make the bookmark
    As aforementioned, you have the option to download a free bookmark template. There are several options available for you and they all have different themes and designs. Browse through the different options and choose one which suits your own personality and style.
    You can also download a blank template, so you don’t have to resize the document, then customize it according to what you want and need. Change the colors, add images, add effects, and more. Doing all of this allows you to create a new template for yourself.
  • Print your bookmark
    After you’ve finished with the design of your bookmark template, it’s time to print it out. Make sure you have a high-quality paper or cardstock for printing your bookmark design. Also, make sure that your printer has compatibility with the paper you plan to use.
    Once you’ve printed all the bookmarks you need, it’s time to start cutting them out. Rectangular bookmarks are a lot easier to cut, but bookmarks can also come in different shapes. Use a sharp pair of scissors to ensure that cutting the bookmarks is both simple and easy.
  • Use the bookmark
    There are many ways for you to use your bookmark. If you’ve made it for yourself, you can use it to mark the pages of your books when reading. You can also use bookmarks as a marketing tool for your company at events. The design of your bookmark should suit your purpose for it.

Blank Bookmark Templates

Bookmarks made from different materials

Now that you know how to make a bookmark using a bookmark template, you should also know that paper bookmarks aren’t the only option. There are so many types of bookmarks you can create using different materials. Some examples are:

  • Felt bookmarks
    Felt is a type of soft cloth that’s easy to work with. You can cut it using a utility knife or a pair of scissors into different shapes. Then you can either sew or glue the different shapes together to create a unique, personalized bookmark.
    Often, the base of felt is wool which is more rigid and substantial compared to other fabrics. But it still has flexibility and softness that makes it easy to use. Finally, felt also comes in a wide range of bright, vibrant colors that add interest to the design.
  • Fabric bookmarks
    The great thing about using fabric is that you have limitless options for colors and patterns. From whimsical and wild to traditional and timeless, there’s a print for every style and taste. If you do a lot of sewing, then you can use your scrap fabric to create your bookmarks.
    You also have the option to purchase fabric scraps from fabric stores for when you need to create a large number of bookmarks. Another option is to use your own clothes to make a set of bookmarks like no other.
  • Crochet and yarn bookmarks
    Right now, yarn crafts are very trendy. From macramé to crocheting, using these handmade techniques has become huge. A lot of people find it fun to create bookmarks from this material and this technique to create items that are especially pretty.
  • Tassel bookmarks
    Adding a tassel to a bookmark seems like a simple step. But this doesn’t just add to the beauty of the bookmark, it also adds an element of functionality. The tassel helps keep your bookmark in place so that it doesn’t get lost within your book’s pages.
    There are different kinds of tassels that come in all sizes and shapes. The best part is, they’re really easy to make too! After crafting your own tassel, simply attach it to the bookmark you’ve made.
  • Leather bookmarks
    Leather is highly versatile, durable, and you can do different things to it like stamping, engraving, etching, cutting, and tooling. Leather bookmarks look elegant, traditional, and they would be excellent gifts to any book lovers.
  • Wooden bookmarks
    Bookmarks made of wood have a premium, natural appeal to them. These bookmarks are typically sourced from sustainable forests. Then manufacturers use precision tools like lasers to cut the shapes out for aesthetic and functional purposes.
  • Metal bookmarks
    This is another attractive type of material to use for bookmarks. You can print the design on a solid sheet of metal, stamp it or even use wire to create the base of the bookmark. If you plan to sell metal bookmarks, you may have to charge a higher price for their substantial appearance and weight.
  • Paper clip bookmarks
    Finally, you can also use paper clips to create your bookmarks. Simply decorate the paper clip with bows, buttons, laser-cut cabochons, and other materials. Just make sure to glue everything down well to prevent them from falling off.