In life, people are driven by hopes, aspirations, and dreams. Regardless, many of them never make it to achieve their goals. They fail because they spend more time talking or thinking about the goals and less time acting. Most people don’t know how to start acting on their goals. This is why life planning is important for every individual. Planning helps people to get a better direction or road map to their objectives. To make it easier to plan their lives, most people adopt a customizable life plan worksheet.

Life Plan Templates

What is a life plan?

The main reason why many people fail in life is that they don’t take the time to plan it. However, some still fail even after planning due to a lack of consistency in following their goals. With a personal life plan, it is easier to track goals as you accomplish them. It is a plan sheet that guides and reminds individuals about their goals in life.

The personal life plan helps individuals meet both their personal and professional development. Feal and procrastination often hold people back in life so that they fail to achieve their goals. The life plan worksheet helps you to break down your goals into manageable pieces.

After each small achievement, you get encouraged to move on to the next and to overcome all fear. It is necessary to leave room for adjustment. Unforeseen issues may arise and affect your schedules and goals.

Life Plan Samples

How having a life plan benefits you?

Having a life plan gives you a reason to pursue something daily. People who plan their lives achieve more than people who live on without any plan. For example, if you create a 5-year plan worksheet, you will benefit from every goal that you will be able to achieve. You can get a life plan sample online to help you create a concrete personal life plan. These are the benefits.

  • It keeps you motivated. Whether you have developed a 5-year plan worksheet or a life plan sample, you will get motivated every time you achieve a goal. For example, a 5-year plan worksheet contains short-term plans and long-term plans. You can break it down into yearly plans and break further the yearly plans into monthly plans. These are achievable goals that you can track and tick against after each achievement. This is what keeps you motivated to continue pursuing your goals to the end.
  • It helps you make your goals a reality. Life dreams are great motivators for any individual. Unfortunately, no dream can benefit you unless you make it a reality. Every great achievement starts with a dream. The dream is what propels you to desire something. After desiring, create a life plan worksheet that will help you bring your goals into reality. The life plan worksheet helps you develop confidence every time you look at your expected goals.
  • A life empowers you. When you don’t have any life plan, you never gain control of your destiny. Instead, life drives you like wind or waves wherever it wishes. It is necessary to have a personal life plan always. It empowers you to take control of your destiny. It acts as a reminder to you that you have all ability to drive your life to your destiny and achieve your dreams. Consider a life plan sample to see what can be achievable or not.
  • It helps you plan your priorities. Achievement of goals in life is all about prioritizing. Everything you do in life is important, but not everything is beneficial at the moment. Some of the issues could benefit you in the long term, but others provide you with immediate benefits. These are the activities that come first because their effects have a significant impact on the long-term goals. Having a personal life plan helps you to prioritize issues in life.
  • You make decisions based on information. Often, people can make decisions that may not make much impact in life. This is because they make the decisions without taking the time to search for information as a backup. When you have a life plan written on your life plan worksheet, you can use them to make concrete decisions about your life. The decisions that you make will be based on the goals.

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How do I write a life plan?

Having a life plan eliminates uncertainty about your life. It gives you something to accomplish. When you understand what you want in life, you will likely work harder to make sure you achieve it. Writing your life plan helps you set your life standards. You can define your outcomes and milestones to measure your progress. Follow these steps to create a life plan.

  • Write your vision

A vision is what you can see about your future even if you don’t have it at the moment. It is your power to imagine or plan your future. You can dream today that you will be the greatest entrepreneur in the next ten years. That is your vision because you don’t have it in reality yet but you can achieve it with proper planning.

Your vision is what shapes your life, values, and goals. They all culminate into the overall vision. Everyone’s vision is like their heartbeat, which can end their life the moment it stops. In the same way, your vision dies the moment you stop pursuing it.

Daily, spend time to polish it, dream about it, and make it easier to achieve. Read a life plan example online to get ideas of what your vision should look like. Ask yourself these questions to help you create a strong vision.

  • Where I’m I currently
  • Where do I want to be tomorrow?
  • How bright or dull does my future look based on today
  • How does my lifestyle affect my future?
  • What kind of people surrounds me today?
  • Who are the right people to walk with?
  • How much do I earn today?
  • How much should I earn to live a comfortable future?
  • What must I change in life to make my future a reality?
  • How will my vision affect the world?
  • What must I do daily to make this change a reality?

Highlight the words that look more pronounced in each question. If the answers you give or get will help you live a better life tomorrow, begin to follow your dreams into your destiny. To sum up the answers, create a short, strong statement that shall become your vision statement.

  • Take time for self-assessment

Self-assessment means weighing every question you wrote earlier and deciding how beneficial each will be to you. Beyond yourself, decide how beneficial it will be to your family, society, nation, and the world. A vision must keep growing until the time it will begin to affect the entire world.

For your personal life plan to be effective and successful, you must first become authentic about yourself. That is, be real about yourself and ready to make better choices about life from this moment on.

You must first embrace yourself for who you are or the current position you are in life. After that, get ready to develop positive changes that will help you move on to a better position in life. Self-assessment touches on four main areas of your life.

  • Your health
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Growth as an individual

To effectively assess your life, take each of the four pillars and grade it on a scale of five. This will help you focus on the most important areas as you pursue your vision. Every area of your life should be guided by these key indicators.

  • Write your priorities

No matter whether you are creating a 5-year plan worksheet or a simple life plan worksheet, your success will be based on priorities. It can be challenging to follow your goals if you fail to prioritize them. For example, if you have a family, your children will require attention from you.

You may be an employee and your attention will be needed at the workplace. You could be in a community group too. All these are important things but prioritizing will help you achieve your goals In time. You may indicate in your 5-year plan worksheet that you want to be earning $15,000 per month by the end of the five years. Set your priorities right before you draw your road map to your vision.

The main goal of prioritizing is to choose the most essential things in life and the things that you must drop off. Whenever you drop a habit, friend, or any other thing, you need to replace it with a better one. Replace a bad habit with a good one, a bad friend with a good one.

  • Identify your core values

Your core values mean traits that are more than valuable. They show your top priorities that form your beliefs and your main driving forces. Your vision defines your destiny. Your self-assessment plus priorities define the path you are following to your destiny. Your values define your pillars or the things that will help you to keep to the path and not detour.

You may not have concrete core values for now but you can create them. As you move on in your journey, you can keep refining them. For example, you might give your family more value than your financial health. However, without balancing everything, the things that you value more will devalue the other key things.

If you give every key thing the same value, they will all be important for your vision’s success. Sometimes you may have negative values that keep derailing you off your track. These are the things that you must drop and embrace new but valuable things. When you embrace the right values, every decision that you make shall be in line with your vision.

  • Take action

It is excellent that you have achieved to fill your life plan worksheet. However, the achievement is only in paper and pen. You need to rise and take the next bold step. Begin to make your dream happen. To help you achieve them, you may want to create your daily to-do lists.

The daily lists progress to weekly lists and then to monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual. If you search for a life plan example, you will notice many people work with SMART goals. This means working with goals that are:

  • Specific: To be specific means the exact thing that you want to achieve. For example, do not indicate in your personal life plan that you want to lose weight. That is a general term. Instead, say you want to lose 5 pounds. That is specific.
  • Measurable:To be measurable means something quantifiable. For example, if your specific goal was to lose 5 pounds, you can weigh yourself after five months and say you have lost two pounds.
  • Achievable: To be achievable means your goals are realistic. Do not be too optimistic and write a goal that is impossible to achieve.
  • Relevant: Relevant means it is applicable in your life. Let it be a vision or goal that is beneficial to you.
  • Time-bound: The goals should be guided by timelines. Say, for example, you must join college by the next semester or year.

Life Plan Worksheets

Life plan example 

There are different things in life that you can look like a life plan example. For example, you can say you want to double your income within the next two years. Another life plan example is to master your challenging skill or manage to travel on a trip abroad.

Another person might say they want to join and complete a degree. Your life plan example can be as simple as weight loss or as complex as setting your foot on the moon. What matters is how you plan and the effort that you put into achieving it.

Your greatest obstacle to achieving your goals can be fear. You need to define your fear and measure how it’s affecting your achievements. After defining your fears, define your way out. That means creating a path for overcoming your fear.

The best way to overcome your fear is to take action and begin walking toward your vision. Along the way, you will realize that your fears were never real and they will begin dropping one by one. Eventually, you will have no fear. What shall remain is the courage to help you move each day to your vision.