There are a lot of scientifically proven benefits of cuddling. When someone is cuddled, their body releases oxytocin, the hormone that helps humans to deal with stress. Scientists say cuddling can help the heart perform better and it relieves pain. Above all, it helps create a stronger bond which can trigger better sleep patterns. Due to these benefits, professional cuddling is becoming common in the US. To protect their rights, professional cuddlers provide their customers with an official cuddle buddy application to sign before the cuddling process starts.

Cuddle Buddy Applications

What is a cuddle buddy form?

When someone wants to become a professional cuddler, they fill out the official cuddle buddy application and send it to the local office of the National Cuddle Buddy Association. The association mostly has offices on local campuses, although it can be filled online.

People who do not want to be cuddled by professional cuddlers download the cuddle buddy form and ask their close friends to cuddle. The purpose of using the funny cuddle buddy application is to ensure there will be no sexual engagement.

What does a cuddle buddy do?

A cuddler provides emotional support to someone. They help the other person know they have emotional support from someone. They lie down and hold each other but there are usually no sexual activities involved. Cuddle buddies aim at two main things.

  • Providing emotional support to the person
  • Pleasuring the person

The number of registered professional cuddlers in the US is growing fast. They offer cuddling services to anyone irrespective of their race, age, or sex. They only provide their services during working hours. Some of their clients could be going through emotional stress or trauma and they just need someone to support them emotionally. Typically, a cuddler provides the following services.

  • Talking with their cuddle partner
  • Watch movies
  • Listen to music
  • Drink soft drinks
  • Hug
  • Hold hands
  • Spooning

How to become a professional cuddler?

Anyone who desires to become a professional cuddler is allowed to do so. They need to fill out the cute cuddle buddy application and send it to the local National Cuddle Buddy Association. The association helps the cuddler to understand the skills needed and the cuddling rules they must follow. Professional cuddlers need to have the following characteristics:

  • Be able to assist people in overcoming anxiety, depression, and stress
  • They should have the ability to offer pleasurable experiences to their cuddle partners
  • They must have the ability to positively make a change for someone
  • They must be willing to learn new skills
  • They must work under a professional body
  • Their cuddler services should earn them an income
  • They must learn not to engage in sexual relationships with their clients

Official Cuddle Buddy Applications

How to fill out a funny cuddle buddy application?

Before a client chooses you to become their cuddle partner, they must first learn about you. If they are convinced you are the right person to cuddle them, they will contact you. The cute cuddle buddy application will help them learn more about you. Follow these steps to fill out the cuddle buddy form.

Provide your personal information

The funny cuddle buddy application should have the following personal information.

  • Your full name
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Date of birth
  • Physical address
  • Telephone contact
  • Email address

Your nickname or pet name

Most professional cuddlers prefer to be called by their nickname. When filling out the official cuddle buddy application, you should write the name you would like to be called.

Your preferred cuddle outfit

For comfort during a cuddling session, a particular dressing will be perfect. You should indicate in the funny cuddle buddy application the best outfit that you prefer during the sessions.

Preferred cuddle position

The preferred cuddle position can differ from one cuddler to another. Some prefer holding hands only. Others prefer hugging, while some prefer spooning.


The cute cuddle buddy application must be signed and dated. After signing, submit the form to the local National Cuddle Buddy Association.

Benefits of cuddling

Cuddling has many benefits to the partners

  • It is pleasurable. During a cuddling session, the body releases several types of hormones.
  • Oxytocin
  • Endorphin
  • Dopamine
  • Adrenaline
  • These are feel-good hormones that make the human body feel happy, relaxed, and pleasurable. The hormones help with enhancing mood and can lower depression levels.
  • Social/emotional benefits. Some people who go for a cuddling session are usually emotionally depressed. Their desire is someone who can emotionally support them. After the session, their emotions get better. Cuddling helps people to get socially connected again. Cuddling sessions don’t involve cuddling only. The partners eat together, drink soft drinks or beverages, and talk.
  • Enhanced health of the heart. The release of oxytocin is beneficial to the heart. It lowers blood pressure which helps improve the health of the heart.
  • Ease off stress. The release of the feel-good hormones suppresses the stress hormone. When it is suppressed, the person benefits from less stress.
  • Improved sleep patterns. Due to the effects of oxytocin, cuddling helps improve sleep patterns.

How to choose a cuddy partner?

Many people use the funny cuddle buddy application to ask someone to cuddle them but there are many other different ways.

  • Request your friends. A friend is a great person because they can often go out of their way to help you. Friends give each other emotional support. If you have a close friend you can trust, approach them and request them to cuddle you. If you are not bold enough to approach them, fill out a cuddle buddy form and give them. If they agree, be very specific to them about what you are looking for.
  • Talk to your exes. Many people retain positive relationships with their exes. They still meet, share stories, and spend time together. You can approach one of your exes and ask them to be available for a cuddle experience.
  • Acquaintances. You might not have someone in your closer circles but outside the circles, you will have acquaintances. Approach one of them so that you feel comfortable sharing your desires. Always remember to agree with them on the boundaries and your expectations.
  • Dating websites. Most professional cuddle buddies register with online dating websites. Since they are in business, they advertise their services on these websites. Register with one or more of these websites and connect with a cuddle buddy.