Resigning your current job to advance your career has become a natural part of the employment cycle. If you have decided to leave your current employer, it’s standard practice to give a two-weeks’ notice before leaving. Anything less than that is already considered short notice – and you need to submit a short notice resignation letter.

Short Notice Resignation Letters

How much notice should a resignation letter include?

The notice period is the amount of time an employee will continue to work between submitting the letter until the last working day. In general, the notice period is at least two weeks long.

The length of the period may also depend on other conditions related to your employment. It is standard practice for you as an employee when departing your job to provide a letter of resignation even if it is a short notice resignation letter.

Doing this shows respect by informing your employer about your decision. In case giving enough notice is not possible, you should write a short resignation letter to your employer.

Leaving Notice

How do I resign with short notice?

A short notice resignation letter is a document that notifies your employer about your intention of resigning your position with anything less than two weeks’ notice. The usual standard time when resigning a position is at least two weeks to give your employer ample time to prepare for your resignation and start looking for your replacement.

As an employee, you should maintain a cordial relationship with your employer despite your sudden departure. Consider these steps when writing the resign letter short notice:

  • Speak with your direct supervisor first
    If it is possible, it’s a good idea to first have a discussion with your immediate supervisor either face-to-face or on the phone before submitting your letter. This personal gesture is a sign of courtesy and respect.
    It will also help reduce any feelings of animosity between you and your supervisor. Moreover, doing this gives you a chance to discuss your benefits, final pay, and any other questions you might have before you leave.
  • Follow the standard format for business letters
    Since this letter is still considered an official document, then it should follow the standard format for business letters. In this manner, the contents would be a lot easier to understand and at the same time, it will show your professional effort in resigning.
    The format for a business letter includes a header that includes the recipient’s complete name, job title, address, and the date when you plan to submit the letter.
  • State your position and the effective date of your resignation
    As much as possible, early on in your letter, include a statement of resignation. Writing the letter in this manner helps you stay on the topic and lets the recipient know the purpose of your letter. Also, make sure to include the exact resignation date before you continue with the rest of your letter.
  • Give your reason for resigning on short notice
    Here, you will explain the reason for your resignation. A brief explanation of why you’re leaving will suffice. This is especially important since you won’t give enough notice to your employer.
  • Express your gratitude
    It’s common courtesy to express your gratitude, thanking your employer for the opportunities and skills you have learned during your stint with them. It would also be a good idea to mention the projects you feel grateful for taking part in. You can also express your gratitude for the overall experience.
  • Close your letter and affix your signature
    Finally, you have come to the end of your letter. Here, you need to affix your signature on the letter to conclude your document. If you’re sending the letter through email, write your name at the end.

Resign Letters Short Notice

How do I write a 24-hour resignation letter?

The standard procedure when you decide to resign is to give your employer at least two-weeks’ notice. But there are circumstances when you will need to leave your job with only 24-hour’s notice. In such a case, you must compose a short notice resignation letter. Here are some steps for doing this:

  • Speak with your employer
    If and when possible, inform your boss that you plan to leave within 24 hours. Follow this up with an official short notice resignation letter. Send one copy to your employer and another one to your company’s Human Resources Department.
  • Consider sending your leaving notice via email
    If you don’t have enough time, sending an email instead of a printed letter might be enough. However, if you already have informed your employer about your decision, then you won’t have to rush in sending your letter.
  • Include the date
    Clearly explain in your letter that you plan to leave your job the next day. Indicate the official date to prevent confusion.
  • Don’t add unnecessary information
    There is no need to give a long explanation about why you’re resigning or what you will do next. But if you decide to do so, you don’t have to go into detail. Try to keep your letter as short as possible.
  • Express your gratitude
    This letter gives you the opportunity to express your appreciation and gratitude for the time you have worked at the company. If for instance, you were never happy working there, you don’t have to write down your complaints or add any negative statements in your letter.
    It’s always recommended to maintain a cordial relationship with your employer, especially more so because you might have to request a letter of reference in the future.
  • Ask important questions
    When you resign without prior notice, you have to clarify how you will receive your final benefits, paycheck or company equipment. You should also ask how other details relevant to your termination will get handled. Your letter gives you an opportunity to find out the answers to these questions.
  • Provide your contact details
    There should be a way for your employer to contact you should there be any questions or issues that might arise. Your contact details may include any phone number or email address that isn’t connected to the company. This is very important if you’re leaving your job immediately.
  • Use the proper format
    Since this letter is also considered a business letter, you should compose it using the official format for business letters.