As a hotel owner, you must issue a hotel receipt to your guests while they check out. This serves as proof that the guests have given payment for their stay at your hotel and other services they availed. Just like all other receipt templates, this document contains relevant information about your hotel.

Hotel Receipt Templates

What is a hotel receipt?

Simply defined, a hotel receipt template is a document issued by hotels to its customers. The receipt indicates that the latter has given their payment for the accommodations and services offered by your staff and your hotel to them.

In a more business-like definition, this receipt is an accounting bill containing a comprehensive statement involving how much money your guest must pay to your hotel for everything you have provided.

Motel Receipt Templates

What to include?

A typical hotel receipt contains a number of items relevant to the bill and services of your hotel. Here are the important components to add in your hotel or motel receipt template:

  • Guest’s information
    This includes the name, address, email address, and phone number of the guest who checked in.
  • Arrival date and check-out date of the guest
    Include the date when the guest checked in and the date when the guest checked out.
  • The guest’s room number
    This basic information should always be part of your template.
  • The rate of the room per night
    It’s also important to include the room rate for the guest’s benefit.
  • Cost of room service, if any
    This refers to the expenses that your guest requested from your hotel or staff.
  • Invoice number
    Each of your receipts must have a unique receipt number. This number makes it easier to track your receipts and identify which guests have already paid.
  • Details about advance payment
    Use this part of the receipt to write down any advanced payments that the guest has made before or upon checking in.
  • Balance
    This is part of the receipt where you write the remaining balance. In many cases, the guest will first choose to give a deposit upon checking in and the remaining balance when they check out.
  • Payment details
    This refers to the mode of payment that you accept – It could either be through debit card, credit card or cash.

How to create a hotel receipt?

Many take the creation of a hotel receipt as a simple undertaking when in fact, there is a lot of consideration and care taken when designing this. With a poorly designed template, the guests might think they’re getting a fake hotel receipt that one of your staff members has printed.

Even worse, the guest might think that the template you used is more suited for cheap motels rather than one from a high-class accommodation. There isn’t any standard format you must follow when it comes to designing these templates.

However, there are guidelines you can use as a guide to creating the best template for your hotel. You may either download a free template or make one from scratch. Either way, the guidelines remain the same.

If you choose to download a template, modify it according to your needs and preferences. If you choose to make one yourself, you have the option to design it however you wish. But the main point here is that if you want to create an effective and useful receipt, you need to begin with the correct one.

For instance, using a petty cash receipt as the receipt for your hotel is a bad idea as this will get you into trouble. When you use the appropriate kind of receipt, you’re not just making an effective template but you will also provide better customer service and more importantly, you won’t break the law. Here are the steps for making your own hotel receipt template:

  • Make sure to include all of the relevant information needed on the template
    This refers to all of the relevant fields discussed in the last section. Since the receipts that you issue to your customers should provide complete information, it is very important to check that you have included all of the necessary elements in your template.
    This includes receipt number, tax fees, transaction date, and so on. You also have the option to add more information as you deem fit.
  • Arrange your template to improve readability
    Have you noticed that customers seldom go through their receipts when they receive these? It’s mostly because there is too much information in one small sheet of paper and they find it hard to understand the contents.
    But you can make it easier for them to read and comprehend your receipt simply by placing related information close to each other. This way, it becomes easier for them to find what they need in your template.
  • Avoid overcrowding the template
    When you start listing all of the services and accommodation fees on the template, this leads to the document becoming overcrowded. To avoid this, make sure to allot enough space to write on the template so you can create an itemized list. Aside from avoiding overcrowding, the template will also look readable and neat.
  • Create a design
    You have the option to make your template professional, elegant, and simple. When you use too many images, graphics or colors, the receipt might become confusing. Carefully think when designing your template so you won’t go overboard with the elements.
    Another thing to consider is the use of fonts. Choose one that’s easy to read. This way, your guests won’t have to spend time deciphering the contents of your receipt or worse, ask you questions about what you have written on it.
  • Proofread the template
    Make sure to double-check your template for any errors in spelling, content, and grammar before having booklets printed. Remember that such errors in the receipt can turn-off your guests.

Fake Hotel Receipts

How to get hotel receipt?

After a guest stays in a hotel, it is usual practice to ask for the hotel bill so they would know how much they have to pay you for the services you have provided. Of course, you would already know your guest’s check-out date as this is something that you must include in the receipt.

As a hotel owner, you would wait for your guest’s receipt request as there may still be other services they want to ask for.