Time-off days are important to both the employees and their supervisors. For the former, receive the opportunity for well-deserved rests. Or they will be able to attend to some personal matters. For the latter, it gives them leeway in making schedule adjustments for his employees. Those who are planning to take time-off, either for vacation time, sick time or emergency time. Information about time-off is always associated with or based on employee attendance.

An attendance tracker will monitor both attendance and time-off days. It can provide information about attendance, leaves, and absences. This tracker can provide data on different queries. These include an employee’s attendance record, accumulated leaves, absences, tardiness, and more. It’s important to update this tracker. Do this so it can always provide valid and timely information any time when needed. As to how important an attendance tracker is, let us simply apply it to a school environment. With it, teachers can monitor student participation in their classes. Tardiness and absences are also recorded. This will give the teacher the chance to resolve student issues. She can ask them why they were absent or always late for their classes. You can even monitor home-schooled students who using attendance trackers for teachers. These will record their academic activities.

For teachers, attendance forms are not used solely for information gathering. They can use the forms as a basis for a reward system in school. This applies to the younger students who need constant reminders. The teacher can use it to highlight the importance of regular attendance.

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When applied to older students, constant absences may be an indication. There may be a much deeper problem which will need immediate attention. Take, for instance, some students may find it difficult to adjust to such conditions. They have to face conditions when they are away from home for the first time. Non-attendance in their classes could be a consequence. Teachers can track the problem through their attendance tracker. From here the teacher can confront the student about the issue. Then they can work together in resolving the problem. It’s also useful for those who are conducting seminars, classes or training courses. Chronic absenteeism is an indication that participants aren’t satisfied with the course. A faltering attendance tracker should be a signal that you need to make some changes.

It’s imperative for the trainer to get feedback from the participants. Ask why course presentations aren’t working and what she needs to do to gain more support. Tracking attendances are the initial step for improving participation as well as attendance. It helps ensure that everyone’s satisfied.

Why do you need an attendance tracker? 

Employee attendance trackers are not just for supervisors. They are also for the employees themselves. This will serve as a self-checking device on their attendance. They can monitor the time they devote in the workplace.

They can also use it to compute the most accurate amount he will receive on his paycheck. An employee can even customize his own template for his employee attendance tracker.

But a good attendance tracker should be fair enough to all employees. It should also contain the negatives. These include undue advantages on lunch and late arrivals at the office. Here are some reasons why you need such a document:

  • With big business establishments, an employee attendance tracker is very useful. Without it, an employer would find it impossible to check the attendance of each employee. Simply enough, the attendance tracking template can take care of this predicament.
  • Using a well-designed template will make the employer’s task easy, and fast. You can use two templates. One for the employer to track down employee attendances and the other one for the employees. They can use it to facilitate requests for paychecks and for days-off.
  • It’s beneficial for the employer and the employee. For the former, the template will be a valuable tool in computing payrolls. The right data gets recorded into the template. So, accurate and timely payrolls are usually done, and so very easily.
  • With the template use, you can reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. This will certainly be good for the employer’s workforce. For the employee, the template will serve as a self-check mechanism.
  • The attendance template, therefore, becomes a useful tool. For the employer, it’s an effective monitoring system. It’s also primarily used to quickly calculate payroll checks. This will allow for speedy delivery to the employees.

The employee, on the other hand, can use the template to get accurate payments.    Then he would feel good about work and the workplace.

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Types of attendance tracker templates 

An attendance tracking template, simply put, is for recording attendance. It can be for schools, business establishments, social clubs, and many more. It’s usually kept safe and secure by the user as it may contain confidential information.

In tracking attendance, the element of time is as important to an organization. Time is money and when people know its value, progress in achieving goals comes easier. The time element can encompass attendance, absences, leaves, tardiness and the like. Referring to the template will provide a great way to track employee availability. Here are the two main types of this template:

In schools, they use attendance trackers for teachers. School teachers are also required to log in their attendances. In the past, schools were hardly monitored for attendances. But as of late, most schools have their own monthly tracking system.

Its application has made the task of computing paychecks for teachers faster. It has also eliminated the threat of time theft by teachers.

Organizations, on the other hand, use employee attendance trackers. When managed well, any organization will run smoothly. They should develop working systems so that no time gets wasted.

Creating standard attendance procedures for all employees in monitoring time is key. It will provide the most information about an employee in an organization.

How to make your own attendance tracker

Without a standard template, recording attendances can be pretty messy and disorganized. It is imperative that teachers and employers use an attendance tracking template.

Using computer applications like Excel will simplify making the template. You can create a simple but very functional attendance sheet. Use it to keep track of students or employees.

Excel is a powerful application that you can use to make attendance templates easily. Nowadays, many organizations depend on Excel in tracking attendances for different purposes.

The software even has filters which can arrange names alphabetically. It can even make listings with either the first or last name coming first. And that is just one feature of the Excel software.

Learning Excel is not that difficult. Instructions are easy to understand. But if you have an Excel expert, that will be better. An Excel spreadsheet is in the form of a table. It has columns designated with alphabet letters and rows, designated with numbers. When using Excel, consider these basic tasks:

Arrange the names alphabetically 

  • Enter the names of participants in the first column of your new worksheet.
  • Retype the first name using the last name first, if that’s what you want. Retype the second name in the same order in a different cell.
  • Highlight the cells with names by dragging your cursor through them. Then click on the “Home” tab.
  • Click on the “Fill” icon. You can find this in the “Editing” section of the ribbon.
  • Choose “Flash Fill” option from the drop-down menu. This will automatically fill the rest of the column with the names.
  • Right-click on the header of the very first column and choose “Delete.”
  • Highlight all the names and click the “Data” menu. From there, click the “A-to-Z Sort” icon. All the names should now appear alphabetically arranged based on their last names.

Add the title and the days 

  • Type your title in the first cell. The name of your report in the second cell.
  • In the cells of the second row, type the days you would want to monitor the attendance.
  • Drag your cursor from the first cell to the last one with the last day to select them. Right-click on the selected cells and choose “Format Cells.” Click on the “Alignment” tab then tick the “Merge Cells” checkbox.

Format your sheet 

  • Click the “View” tab. Once there, click on the “Page Layout” icon. You’ll see how the spreadsheet would look like on a letter-sized page.
  • If you’re tracking attendance monthly, change the orientation. Do this by clicking the “Page Layout” tab. Select “Orientation” then click on “Landscape.”
  • Drag the cursor to select the cells containing content. Click on the “Home” tab then click on the “Fill” icon. You will see a variety of fill colors. Select what best suits you or the spreadsheet.
  • You can change the font color too. Select a color that will contrast well with the cell’s fill. If you want to, you can also change the Font Style and Size. Click on the bold icon for emphasis. Try highlighting the names and change their Fonts, Sizes, and Colors, as desired.
  • Highlight the cells in the first row and click the “Home” tab. Next, click on the “Center Alignment” icon. Then highlight all the cells which contain the dates and also put them in center alignment.
  • Click on the “File” menu then select “Print” to print out your template.
  • Save the template to your computer for future use. To do this, click on the “File” menu and select “Save.”

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Best Attendance Tracker Apps

Whether your business is medium or big, you may need a device to track employee attendance. Luckily, there is now available software that can track down attendances. It could make life easier for one who has the task to manage and monitor employee attendances.

With an orderly system of managing attendances, you’ll see an improvement in productivity. It will help make scheduling and payroll computations seamless. The advantage of attendance tracking software is that there will be less interference.

The software will do their function on their own. There’s less chance for human errors. Employees will still have to time in and out or manually input their working hours. The software can also track vacation days, sick leaves, holidays, and other paid-off time.

Here are some attendances tracking software that you may consider for your organization:


This one has proven its worth as is widely used by many organizations. The software boasts many unique features. It can allow monitoring through GPS as well as internet access.

Although it’s very comprehensive, Hubstaff isn’t invasive for employees. It’s simple and its intuitive interface can help get new employees on board in minimum time.

The software has a modern feel and employees will find it easy to learn its application.

Kronos Workforce Ready

This is stable software in the attendance tracking market. But many modern businesses find it a little out-of-date. The software comes with its own hardware. The software has a rather simple interface.

Because of such, you’ll need more time when using it and can be overwhelming for employees.

Replicon Time Attend

Using this software makes for an easier time when tracking attendance. It’s a great choice for companies who hire salaried employees. It may not be the best but is certainly much better than many of the competitions out there.

The package comes with demos, free trials, and implementation seminars. Such features will help in on-boarding and in successfully setting up the system.


It is one of the more popular and best-selling attendance tracking software in the market. It does well with teams which are on-the-go or doing their tracking on mobile.

You can access this with the mobile and desktop apps. Your employees can also log in via Twitter or text messages so that they can record their work hours. This has a simple on-boarding and a good user interface. And to learn the system, it comes with user guides.


Like many others, this one is also a good attendance tracker. It also offers its own hardware. It’s ideal for small businesses but can still cope and perform well in bigger companies.

Being cloud-based, it requires no installation. On-boarding is relatively easy even with user experience rated at medium.

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