Authorization letter is one of the most common documents used to grant permission to a certain party to do a certain action. Because of its much-frequent application, you can now compose it by using a pre-made template that includes all the required information.

Authorization Letters

What is letter of authorization?

Simply defined, an authorization letter is an official document that authorizes a person to perform certain actions. For instance, parents may compose a child care authorization letter addressed to their child’s school authorizing them to pick up the child after school.

You can also use this letter addressed to an airline. Most airlines require a travel authorization letter if your child who is a minor will travel without you or another guardian. With such a letter, you grant the airline temporary rights over your child.

You would need these letters in business circles too where you would give a person or business the authority to complete a task or make changes to a preexisting agreement.

What is a bank authorization letter?

Letter of authorization template for banking purpose is issued to a bank account when you nominate someone on your behalf to carry out some specific work. In some cases, it allows the bank to make transactions on your account. If you intend to grant a power of attorney to another person to manage your account, you have to write an official letter to the bank.

There could be instances where you can’t, for some reason, complete your bank formalities. Aside from using a credit card authorization letter, the most popular option to the situation is to give a Power of Attorney to an acquaintance to legally act on your behalf. Indicate in the letter your personal information and the complete information of the person you’re authorizing.

Letter Of Authorization Templates

How to make authorization letter?

Being a formal document, it’s better to type an authorization letter instead of writing it by hand because the latter doesn’t look professional. Its preparation must meet scrutiny and that both you and the authorized person must submit your identification cards. To make this letter, follow these tips:

  • Basic details
    Following the format of a standard business letter, you should place your name on the first line, your address on the second line, and on the third line, your city, state, and zip code.
    Skip one line after these lines and place the date when you wrote the letter on the next line. Write the complete date then skip another line. The recipient’s name and address will come next. The format for the recipient’s information must be the same as your information.
    An important thing to remember is that the recipient isn’t the same person as the one you authorized to perform business transactions for you. You’re granting authority to another person to act on your behalf. But you address the letter of authorization to a second party. If you don’t know the person to address, leave this part of the letter blank.
  • The duties of your authorized representative
    Make sure to specify the tasks that you permit your representative to conduct on your behalf. The details of the authorization you grant must be very specific. For instance, if you’re writing an authorization letter to get documents, state that this is the only task you want the person to do.
    It’s important to specify the details of the authorization. For instance, if the letter is about your medical information, include your claim information, and medical insurance number. If you need some assistance with a legal issue, include the case number too. As for financial issues, include the required account information.
  • Applicable dates
    Specify in the letter the dates when the authorization comes into effect and when it ends. Be exact with this information. However, if you’re not sure about the dates, you must at least set a timeframe.
  • Your reason for authorizing another person
    Give the reasons why you need someone to act on your behalf. It may be because you’re sick, working, out of town, and so on. For instance, if you need to acquire your medical records from a hospital but you’re out of the country, state this reason this in a medical authorization letter.
    If there are any restrictions to the authorization, explain these too. Additionally, you may want to identify areas that you’re not authorizing your representative to do or handle.
  • Have the letter notarized
    The final section of the letter concerns a witness or a Notary Public who will observe the signing of the letter. This person has the authority from the government or the state to attest to legal documents. This person shouldn’t be anyone included in your letter.

How do you write a letter giving someone permission?

A letter of permission grants specific legal authorization to a recipient. You can use this in certain instances. Here are some examples:

  • A letter of permission or caregiver authorization letter designating temporary custody of your child to another adult. It includes identifying information about yourself, your child, the scope, and the type of permission you’re granting.
  • A letter of permission or passport collection authorization letter to authorize a representative to claim your passport on your behalf. Make sure to specify your reasons for sending a representative for this task along with other supporting documents.

Medical Authorization Letters

How do you write a signature authorization letter?

A signature authorization letter gives the permission of one person to appoint another person to become the signature authority for required work on their behalf when they aren’t available. The letter formally allows another person you have designated the authority to sign when you’re not around, thus, transferring your responsibilities to said person.

You can also use this letter when you need a permit to perform certain tasks and then inform authorities about these tasks. When writing a signature authorization letter, make sure to keep the wordings simple and easy to comprehend.

Looking at its importance, it should be straight to the point. State in the letter the person you’re nominating as your authorized signatory when you’re not around together with a good reason for the action.

Moreover, the beginning and end dates of the letter must be clearly specified to avoid any abuse of power, especially after the end date. The situation of the letter’s use should be explicitly mentioned so that there is no room for confusion.