If you want to apply as a vendor to an upcoming event – a conference, a festival or a business expo, it will help you to send a vendor application form to let the host know more about you. Download a template or make one to inform the host about what you have to offer. After completing this form, all you have to do is to wait for them to reach out.

Vendor Application Forms

What are vendor applications?

In order for you to sell services or goods to customers at an event, you first need to complete a vendor application form. This document serves many purposes for you but the most important one is to determine whether or not you’re an eligible distributor for products or services and to determine if the host will go with you.

Successful manufacturers generally depend on a network of vendors and distributors to get their products on the market. In most cases, these distributors must also provide a vendor information form before qualifying to become eligible distributors.

Vendor Application Templates

Tips for making a standout vendor application form

It will be your responsibility as a vendor to catch the attention of the selection committee that you have high-quality products that would fit in the event’s guidelines. You should also demonstrate preparedness to serve customers in-person and online while at the event.

Make sure to include all of this in your vendor application form. To help you out, here are the steps to consider to make your new vendor form stand out:

  • Include high-quality photographs
    Avoid presenting pictures taken on your couch, kitchen counters, a dark or dirty garage or at night. Instead, take photos near a big window with lots of natural light shining through to make an excellent presentation. Here are some tips for adding photos in your vendor application form:
    For the best effects, take pictures in open shade or near a window. Avoid using your lamps or florescent lights as these might make your products look discolored. Using natural light is great, but you must also observe shadows as direct sunlight tends to create unflattering or harsh shadows, not to mention a stark glare.
    Try arranging your products in such a way that the viewers can easily picture it in their own homes. This will make your products more marketable and appealing to customers.
    Also, prepare the rest of the environment. A great way to achieve this is to tie the room together with plants and textiles. Although the color is an important coordinator in the ambiance of a room, textures can also make a significant impact.
    If your products involve making jewelry, accessories or apparel, spend an early morning or late afternoon taking pictures of these with a live model. Choose a setting that fits your style. Keep in mind that no matter which location you use, the setting must compliment your product, not distract it.
    For jewelry and fashion products, it is a good suggestion to use a minimalist setting so that your products stand out. For instance, a white-colored backdrop can make your merchandise stand out without any distracting items in the photo.
    In most cases, the best angle to photograph your product from is the angle that the customer will see it from most frequently. This means you have to take some time to think about how they will use your product.
    While it is true that you may already be on the floor painting table legs, your customer would still not know what the top of the table looks like from that angle.
  • Add dynamic descriptions
    From the wordings alone, the reader must easily infer what products you offer. Being too vague about your product may give you comfort but if you want to do something exciting, you need to share dynamic descriptions that catch attention.
  • Make your presence known online too
    You can have different types of advertisements sprinkled with many photographs and video posts on how and where you make your products, who makes them, and what has inspired them.
    While it is true that you can have a great number of followers online, it is even greater is have followers who would regularly comment on and share your posts. Generally, these engaged social media followers can become potential customers who would feel interested to visit your shop.
    But if you have an inactive or incomplete social media account or website, this could turn-off potential customers as it becomes too difficult for them to get in touch with you.
    In the same way, a vendor application template devoid of descriptions, high-quality images, and updates gives the impression that you aren’t serious about providing great products or customer service. This will hurt your reputation.
    When you build an online presence, you can advertise your products in the best possible light and at the same time, build relationships with customers. Whenever you post photos, include your products, work-in-progress photos, and a couple of pictures of yourself too.
    Generally, customers who appreciate handmade and vintage products want to give support to small business owners who they view as relatable and authentic. But you have to be very careful not to end up spamming your followers’ emails or social media accounts with constant self-promotions.
    Getting bombarded with continuous advertisements is something nobody would like to experience. It’s also important to interact with your customers and fellow business owners regularly on a personal and genuine level. You should also show kindness and high-quality workmanship consistently.
  • Know who your ideal customer is
    Every vendor wants to think about the spending habits, interests, and lifestyle of their ideal customer. If you can clearly define who your ideal customer is, it would be much easier for you to market your products to your target customer base.
    You will find out where they come from, how they spend their money, and which social media platforms they visit or use frequently. It becomes easier for you to make them discover your business if you understand your ideal customer more.
  • Let your style shine
    Whatever your style is don’t feel afraid to stand out. Use every opportunity to your advantage and be as specific as you can. Chances are, there will be many other applicants who offer the same products as you. Therefore, you want to do something that gets you noticed.

Vendor Information Forms