Whenever you hire new employees, you need to provide them a training manual to help them know the training plan in detail. This serves as a guide for them to achieve their goals or perform tasks properly. As an employer, creating a training manual template for your organization is the key to ensuring that everything flows smoothly.

Training Manual Templates

Why do you need a training manual template?

A significant part of an organization’s employee management plan is to create quality training manual examples for the various positions in your company. The availability of these quality manuals for major positions in an organization ensures continuity of operations whenever new employees get hired.

The same thing serves a purpose when personnel transfer from one job to another in your company. The most important purpose of a training manual template is to provide a consistent method of communicating instructions to employees on how to perform the functions of their jobs.

The use of this manual benefits not only supervisors in charge of educating employees about their jobs but employees too. Training manuals provide the structure and content necessary in the training of new hires and to monitor the performance of incumbent employees.

Training Manual Examples

Using a template

If you want to create a training manual template for your employees, you can either make one yourself or download a template online. Having a blank slate to start with to create your manual makes things easier for you.

The template already provides a structure or format that serves as a guide when putting your manual together. It is a matter of finding the right template to meet your requirements.

How do I create a training manual template?

Training employees in your organization is a continuous process. When you involve yourself with activities essential to your position, these can further enrich your experiences and knowledge.

This accumulation of knowledge makes it easier for employees to deal with any predicaments in the future. Training doesn’t have to end with employee training manuals as it goes beyond that.

The training you give based on your training guide template is only one event. Then it evolves into a process when your employees start involving themselves with webinars, tutorials, learning apps, and more.

Of course, the creation of a training manual template is still essential. For this, you can consider establishing a solid core while remaining flexible enough to serve other functions and provide a personalized user experience. Well-crafted manuals must include these elements:

  • Introduction
    This part is typically concise, clear, and attractive. It should directly provide the primary purpose of the training program.
  • Instruction
    This is an important part as it provides instructions on how to navigate through the various sections of your training program.
  • Objectives
    After the introduction and the instructions, you will now introduce your employees to the objectives. These should be clearly presented and defined from the beginning to get your employees ready to navigate the rest of the contents.
  • Main Content
    This is the substance and heart of the manual. The contents of each manual vary depending on the program. You can also use other types of media to maximize the delivery of content. This is very beneficial to your employees’ learning processes.
  • Surveys or Assessments
    This doesn’t have to be an integral part of your manual’s content. You can make it separately. But it’s still an essential element as you can use it to determine the effectiveness of your training program or manual. Moreover, it can also demonstrate if your employees can apply what they’ve learned effectively.
  • Summary and Follow-Up Steps
    This section summarizes the main points of your manual in a succinct way. It should include the follow-up steps to enhance the ability of your employees to reinforce what they’ve learned.
  • Schedule or Timeline
    In many cases, employees get the choice to learn at their own pace and time for some training programs. This is more practical than assigning timelines which they can’t accomplish.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    This section is very helpful as it allows your employees to look for a solution to their queries.
  • Supplemental Material or Related Sources
    Include anything related to your training program that can help your employees further.

Employee Training Manuals

How do you write a training manual?

To come up with a training document that is both interesting and informative to read, you should first have a plan in place. You need to gather some important elements necessary to come up with the best training manual template:

  • What’s your objective?
    Like any other plan that you need to implement, you must first define a clear objective. Once you have completed the training, your employees must have the ability to perform and accomplish the tasks on the manual.
  • Ask for help
    Since writing this manual involves a certain degree of difficulty, you will need all the help you can get. Remember that your employees will count on you as the entire work they will have to do may depend on the information you provide in the manual.
  • Consider what to include
    Gather all of the relevant knowledge, information, checklists, processes, and more that you need to include. Always be very thorough with each point and have everything you need to write the manual. Even if you’re good at retaining information, you should never rely on your memory alone.
  • Consider your audience too
    Not considering your intended audience (your employees) when crafting the manual is a common mistake that many companies commit. Remember that the content will directly depend on the audience who will use it.
  • Organize the information
    As soon as you formulate the idea of what information to include in your manual, it’s now time to organize the information. Create an outline of the flow of the manual into sections and chapters.
  • Add the table of contents
    You must always include a table of contents in your manual, especially if you’re planning to make a lengthy manual. The need for this section increases exponentially with the number of pages you create.
    You may already know what a table of contents is and for a manual, it helps your employees navigate through the document while making it easier for them to quickly locate a specific topic.
  • Summarize each of the sections
    End each of the sections with a summary of the contents. This will greatly benefit your employees.