The simplest definition of a statement template is that it is a declaration coming from an individual that you can use for different purposes. The statement is a written document with the person’s signature or with a stamp from concerned authority. When used for business or legal purposes, you should write the statement properly.

Statement Templates

Types of statement templates

When you use a statement template, you should follow the proper structures and guidelines written on it. There are different ways for you to write statements and this depends on your situation. Therefore, it becomes important that you find the right type of template to suit your needs:

  • Account Statement
    Use this template to create a proper account statement.
  • Bank Statement
    Bank managers use this to make a perfect template for their clients. It usually comes with a set of instructions so clients can understand what’s written on the document.
  • Billing Statement
    Store managers, business owners, and other service providers use this template to make bill statements for their clients.
  • Balance Record Statement
    This template starts with an official cover page then an index page. The rest of the pages include contents in both tabled and paragraphed formats depending on the information you want to include.
  • Cash Flow Statement
    This template contains all of the details needed to understand your business’ cash flow.
  • Dividend Statement
    Company directors issue this type of statement to shareholders so that they can remain informed on dividends.
  • Income Statement
    When claiming refunds or filing your taxes you as a business owner must write your own statement. You also need this when you avail of government benefits or doles.
  • Invoice Statements
    As a business owner, you, your store manager or your shopkeeper can create this statement for various purposes. You must produce this document when filing your taxes or for claiming insured money.
  • Personal Financial Statement
    When you take a loan from a bank or another lending institution, you qualify to acquire income tax benefits. To avail of these benefits, you must disclose your financial situation using this document.
  • Profit and Loss Statement
    This statement is usually created by financial executives or accountants of companies. You can base your financial decisions for the future on this document and because of this, it is very important to write this statement using a standardized format.

Statement Of Account Templates

Why is a statement of account important?

One superb way to provide your clients with a summary of the products or services that you’re going to bill them is through a statement of account template. Moreover, the same document can help you verify the payments that your customers have already remitted for a certain statement period.

The statement becomes especially convenient when you have regular customers for whom you will create invoices for on a regular basis. Usually, this statement is an addition to the individual invoices that you send to your customers for each purchase they make.

If the payments of your customers are automatically generated periodically, it will be much easier to see all of the sent invoices and received payments in one for each customer. Here are some other uses of this statement:

  • You can use this as a tool for payment reminders because it gives you an idea of your customer’s recurring expenditures. In this case, you can send reminders for advance payments.
  • Should there be any inconsistencies in business records, using the statement’s summary report allows you to check if your customer has already paid their dues. This is a great way to identify any inconsistencies in your data.
  • You can use it to check if the amount due declared includes all of the payments that the customer has remitted thus far.
  • To help you identify transactions that have been accidentally duplicated.
  • To provide you with an accurate record of the price for each of the items that you have sold to your customers. This allows you to keep track of the information of customers for a given period of time.
  • To help you identify errors.

What should a statement of account include?

You can also describe an account statement as a more comprehensive report of the contents of your personal or business account. For instance, a statement template sent to a customer shows payments from and billings to the customer at a certain amount of time to give you the ending balance.

The main purpose of sending this billing statement template is to remind your customers of sales that they haven’t paid to you yet. Usually, you would send this statement as a printout, although you can also send it electronically through email. These statements typically include the following basic information:

  • The total of all unpaid invoices.
  • The date of the invoice, invoice number, and the total amount for each invoice that you have issued to your customer for a certain time period.
  • The credit date, credit number, and the total amount for each of the miscellaneous credits you issued to your customer for a certain time period.
  • The date of payment and the total amount for each of the payments you received for a certain time period.
  • The remaining balance of all of the transactions you have listed. This refers to the total payable amount.
  • A payment slip at the bottom of the document that you can tear off and use as a remittance slip. The slip contains the name of your customer, a mail-to address, and space where your customer writes down the amount they’re paying.

In most statements, there is a block that contains your contact details and those of your collection staff in case your customer wants to get in touch with you to ask about the information in the statement.

Billing Statement Templates

How do I get an account statement?

Getting a copy of your account statement is not that hard. You can do this either online or in person. For a digital copy, your online banking page lists all of your statements. From there, you can download the file in a PDF format or you can order a paper version that they will send to you by mail.

You can also drop by your bank and request the statement template in person. As part of your bank’s services, they will print out a copy for you.