Branding is not limited to businesses only, but individuals can do personal branding too. It helps their audience to have a unique way of relating with them and recognizing them. A personal letterhead is one of the ways individuals can use it for personal branding. They can use it when sending family event invitations or mostly when handling nonofficial communications. It provides a personal touch to information, the attractiveness of a document, and more information about the individual. Personal letterheads have been used for several centuries.

Personal Letterheads

What is a personal letterhead?

In the past, a letterhead was used to provide the authority of the person that had authored a document. Today, they are used for different purposes. It is a document that details the contact details of an individual. A letterhead is mostly used for branding purposes. An individual can include it in every document they create, in their blog, website, and social media accounts.

Personal Letterhead Templates

Different designs of a personal letterhead

Choosing the right design of a letterhead template will make your documents look presentable. Instead of creating from scratch, you may refer to the personal letterhead examples to give you a better idea of the different designs you can make. Here are the different designs you can choose from.

Standard professional personal letterhead

This is the most basic personal letterhead design. It is a design that can fit with any type of occasion or use. You can easily confuse it with a formal letterhead but its information leans more on the informal design. This personal letterhead template is highly customizable to fit the need of its user.

Monogrammed personal letterhead template

This type of letterhead is unique when you want a letterhead with a vintage feel. It is designed like the letterheads that were used long ago by renowned writers, artists, creative designers, and other influential people in the past.

Their vintage logos remain relevant to date. The fonts were created by hand, which gave these letterheads a very attractive look. It is one of the letterheads that will capture everyone’s attention.

Vacation professional personal letterhead

This type of personal letterhead example is designed for use during holidays. It is mostly used when an individual is writing to someone for an invitation to a holiday occasion. The letterhead stamps authority of the source of the invitation.

Wedding personal letterhead template

When you want to give an impressive wedding invitation, a wedding personal letterhead will do the trick. Its design includes a beautifully designed decoration on one side and the name of the person you are inviting printed in a fancy font. The letterhead will have the name of the sender and their slogan below the name.

Importance of using personal letterhead examples

You will find many types of personal letterhead examples that will help you in different ways in your personal letterhead creation process.

They are inspirational

You may not decide to use the detail in personal letterhead examples in terms of word for word, but they will inspire you for your unique design. You may decide to change the colors, add a few design elements, or change the position of the logo.

You get a variety of writing styles

You may want to choose a different writing style for each occasion to use on your personal letterhead. When you have several occasions to invite people or different types of letters to write, you might feel confused about which writing style to use for each. The personal letterhead examples come with different writing styles and you can adopt one for each type of letter you want to write.

You access the samples all the time

The personal letterhead examples are available online so that you can access them anytime you want. Their designers keep updating different designs so that you will have a wide range of options to choose from.

They are predesigned

You don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about the best design options you want to choose. The personal letterhead examples are predesigned with content that helps you visualize what the paper looks like.

Personal Letterhead Examples

When is a personal letterhead used?

A letterhead can be used for different needs.

Family use

When inviting family members to an event, you can use a personal letterhead template to invite members of both nuclear and extended families. The letter emphasizes the event concept. It can be used to give detailed information about the event in an informal way.

When offering services or products

When you own a small business, you can use a professional personal letterhead to promote your products. It helps add a personal touch to your offers. You will include your name in the letter to portray yourself as an expert in the field. The letter will help make your offers credible and may provide a level of guarantee.

Writing proposals

You might be running an online business, a blog, or a video blog. You could also be an influencer who wants to write a proposal to a business to consider your offer for influencing their products.

A blogger might want to invite other bloggers to share their content as a guest post. It will help bring more traffic into a blog or turn your products into fast-moving products. Use a professional personal letterhead when writing such proposals.

When sending applications for employment

Two documents are important when sending an application for a job – your resume and cover letter. A cover letter details the skills and experience you will bring to the company. When you write your cover letter on a personal letterhead template, it will make it look professional. The employer will notice the extra effort and may consider inviting you for an interview.

When writing press releases

You might be organizing an event that will involve the public, such as a fundraiser. The easiest way to let the public know about this event is to write a press release. It will help journalists get the details about the event in one letter.

When you write the details of the event in a personal letterhead template, it will add value to your information by showing the authority and importance of the message. When writing different letters for different recipients, the design you choose should reflect your personality. The design should also reflect the character of your message.

For example, a standard design personal letterhead template can be used for any type of occasion. However, you cannot use a business personal letterhead template for a family occasion or for making holiday invitations.

How to make a personal letterhead?

In your personal stationery, a personal letterhead will help stamp your authority and personality. You must ensure it expresses your personality in terms of who you are and the information you want to communicate positively.

It is enjoyable when you spend time creating your personal letterhead using personal letterhead examples online. Be certain of every detail you want to appear on the letterhead but make it simple.

Choose the right font style 

Choose the font style you want that communicates who you are. The font that mom chooses could be different from the font that a recent graduate chooses. The style will tell their audience about them before they read information about them.

Define your qualities

Your qualities are the details that you want people to identify you with. You may consider qualities such as honesty, intelligence, thoughtful, fun, etc. To make it look more attractive, add a quote or a blurb to show clearly the main definition of you in terms of who you are or what you do.

Include your name

Every detail in your letterhead should look simple and quick to grasp. If you add much information, it will make it look clogged. The details under this section should be as follows:

  • Your name
  • Your physical address
  • Your telephone contacts
  • Your email address
  • Your website addresses

Define your layout

The layout is a guideline on how you want to present your message. The way you present it will depend on your audience. No matter the audience you are writing to, make sure your letterhead is legible and does not cause confusion.

You might choose some types of fonts that are hard to read. They might not work well for you. If you look at the personal letterhead examples available online, you will notice they are designed with attractive fonts that are legible. They are not too fancy fonts that might define you otherwise.

Add graphics

Don’t leave your personal letterhead with a too plain appearance. Add at least one graphic but make sure your audience will love it and identify you with it. You might think about adding clipart, a photo, or a vintage image. Ensure the graphic is well finished to make it look smooth and presentable.

You may request a graphics designer to trace the image for you and remove any irrelevant parts. The graphic should be in line with the information you want to communicate. If the personal letterhead template you are using is printable, make sure you can edit these details every time you want to make changes before you print.

Professional Personal Letterheads

How to format a personal letterhead template?

The personal letterhead examples are easy to use or do DIY formatting. They don’t require special design programs to make changes to your preferred designs. You will easily format most of them using word processing, excel, or pdf programs.

After you have identified the font you want to use, you can complete formatting the template within minutes. Consider branding yourself using personal letterhead. You will be stamping authority about yourself. These are the steps to follow when formatting a professional personal letterhead template.

Try out different fonts

There are several hundreds of fonts you can use for your personal letterhead. You must be choosy with them because some will not reflect your personality. Others will not be legible and others will look too fancy.

The best way to test the fonts is to write a sentence, highlight it, and select a certain font to see how it looks on text. If you try out several fonts, you will get the right choice for your personal letterhead.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one font only but you can choose different fonts and use at least two. A good font will make your personal letterhead stand out and look beautiful.

Do not complicate

Every feature that you add to your personal letterhead should make the entire document look simple. Refrain from adding too much information that complicates it. The letterhead will be simple if you include only an image, your name, address, telephone, and email, plus a tagline.

Apart from the fonts, be keen also with the colors you choose. You may choose one or two colors but let them match well. When the letterhead is appealing to the eyes of your audience, they will receive your message positively.

Position your logo

You can use the graphic you added as your logo image. It helps brand you across your audience so that they will have something to identify you with. It should be seamlessly incorporated into your letterhead design.

Its colors, fonts, and tagline should match too. After you are through with the design, position your logo at the right place. It must be at the top of your letterhead but the positions may differ. It can be at the top left, top right, or top middle. Three important things must be in your logo.

  • An image/graphic
  • Tagline
  • Your name

Choose a background color

A background color makes your letterhead look like a professional personal letterhead. There are different choices for the background. You may choose a solid or faint color. You also have an option to add a solid color along the edges and leave the central part plain. You can also add a watermark to make your letterhead stand out.

You may experiment with the personal letterhead examples online to see how they have designed the background colors and edit them to fit your need. Your personal letterhead will be complete for use and you can start writing letters to your audiences. When you are using it on online platforms like blogs, websites, and social media, choose to use the same type of letterhead across all platforms for uniformity.