How do you prepare the world to receive your newborn baby? This is a question that a lot of new and would be parents grapple with from time to time. If you are the secretive kind of parents who live their lives in peace and harmony without worrying about what the rest of the society thinks about their lives, a birth announcement might not be something you think much about.

On the other hand, if you are a widely social family, birth announcement ideas are the next big thing after the baby shower. A lot of parents live for these moments. The congratulatory messages, the feeling of joy and happiness, and more importantly, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you are bringing forth a new life into the world.

A new baby is a sign of so many things. A sign of joy and hope, a sign of a new beginning, you name it. Every other society you encounter has a unique interpretation of what a new baby means to them. One thing that is common in most societies is that a new baby has to be celebrated. After all, a baby is a sign of the continuity of life, generations and a heritage being established.

Birth Announcement Templates

Types of baby announcements

Before you decide on the words you want to use for the announcement, you should decide what message you want to portray. This helps you settle on the right voice and tone for your announcement.

Your options range from informal to religious, and you might even consider the sex of your newborn when choosing what to work with. Here are some options you can consider:

  • Funny baby announcements
  • Religious baby announcements
  • Informal baby announcements
  • Traditional baby announcements


Announcing your baby birth

So the baby has arrived, and your photographer has captured amazing photos of the newborn. How about introducing the baby to your friends, distant family members, and workmates? The following are some of the best ways to go about this:

Status Update

Convenient, very fast, and you will reach so many people with a simple message. You can simply update your social media status, either with a worded statement, or a photo. There are people who also prefer the traditional and humble phone call or some who appreciate a text message.

Whether you are having a home birth or a hospital birth, it would be an incredible experience to share it with those around you. If you have time, you can even Skype with loved ones to share your good news.

Online Announcement

Emails are too common these days. They lack the special element that should accompany a birth announcement template. To make this birth special, you can consider an online announcement. You can make it special, without the formality that comes with emails or paper announcements.

With a good template design, you can have the announcement up and ready in minutes. The good thing with this option is that you can send it out to people through their email addresses, and they will be happy about this, without the boredom of a normal email.

A blog for the newborn

A blog for a child who barely knows how to respond to his or her name might sound a bit far-fetched, but rest assured this has worked well for a lot of people. For this, your birth announcement template will be about so much more than announcing your new baby, but also about introducing him/her to a new world.

It is very easy to create a blog, and most platforms are free. You can post the announcement on the blog before the baby arrives, and use this to document the milestones you achieve together as the baby grows.

Old school

In case you are an old soul, you might consider buying advertising space in one of the local dailies. This is not just about sharing information about your new baby, but it is also a good way to create an amazing keepsake that will be in the family for years.

One good thing with newspaper announcements in the dailies is that whether you use the paper print or online version of your favorite paper, this will go down in history, and you can always remind your child of how happy you were when they were born, you could not wait to share it with the world.

Birth Announcement Cards

What is your baby’s name?

When you are designing or working on a baby announcement template, you need a name. The baby needs a name because there are people who will bring you gifts, cards and so forth. There has always been a debate on whether you should name the baby before or after they are born, and this debate will never end.

Most parents will tell you the trauma they went through when choosing a name for their baby. It can be nerve wrecking, but it is totally worth the trouble. While you might be inclined towards choosing a name for your baby before they are born, the following are some reasons why for the sake of your birth announcement ideas, you might want to wait until the baby is born.

Reduced stress

Even the closest or happiest of couples you will ever come across will always argue about names from time to time. You might not see or know about it, but they do. Choosing a name for your baby usually has a lot of conflict, especially with differing opinions here and there.

In the long run, you will either agree on a name together, or one of the parents might agree to a compromise. After the baby is born, it is easier to settle on a name, than choosing a name a few months before birth and changing it the next day or week.

Save time

Picture a situation where you choose a name for your baby, love what it sounds like, then you realize it has a darker meaning in another language. You have to change your options and choose another name in that case. These are things you can avoid when you choose the name of the baby after birth.

Besides, if you had planned for the announcement earlier and your birth announcement ideas were already in place, changing the name last minute would set your announcement plans back a great deal.

Wait to see the baby

Another reason why it would be wise to select a name you will use for the baby announcement template after the baby is born is that you are yet to see the baby. You might have a name figured out, a name that sounds good to you, and then the baby is born and they remind you of someone or something else, and all of a sudden the name doesn’t suit you anymore.

This is why a lot of people advise parents to try and wait until the new baby arrives, then they can choose the name for them. It is okay to have a few options to work with before you choose the right name, but do not put undue pressure on yourself.

Anticipate the awesomeness

There is always the anticipation of seeing your baby delivered, very healthy and active. This is what all parents look forward to. Other than that, however, you can also add a second surprise in the basket, naming the baby.

Of course, within 5 months you should be able to find out the sex of the baby. These days you can even have a 4D scan that would give you a rough portrait of the baby. With all these amazing events, it is really good to at least leave one or two surprises to the last day, so you do not drain all the awesomeness out of this event.

Birth Announcement Wording

Designing a beautiful announcement template

The good thing with a baby announcement template is that you do not need a lot of information on it. You only need the important facts. For any parent, you might be overwhelmed by all the work you have to do.

There are three important guidelines that will help you make sure the baby’s announcement comes off perfectly.

  • Design a stylish baby announcement template – You would not want a situation where the baby feels out of place later on in life, or where the siblings feel you have a favorite of them all.
  • Share in a personalized way- Feel free to share important in a comfortable way.
  • Picture-perfect – Attach a picture to give people something to look at when they come across your announcement.

Important details that must be on the template include things like where the baby was born, the time or date when the baby was born, their weight, and the name of course. The following are some of the details that should be in your announcement:

Introduce the baby

Well, do not just hurl a baby unto the audience, use some kind and sweet words that will melt people’s hearts. An introduction is more about personality than anything else. In case the name you chose for the baby is not gender specific, it would be a good place to introduce the gender in the introduction.

The parents

This is a family affair. If you are having your first baby, you should not get too carried away you forget to include your names in the announcement. In case this is not your first baby, the announcement might also include the names of the siblings.

Including the names of the siblings in the birth, announcement ideas are important because you have not been through the pregnancy journey alone. They have been there with you and have helped you through it, so it is a good way to show your gratitude.

Name the baby

In case you had already settled on the name for your baby, this is the biggest introduction they will ever get in their lives. Write the baby’s name. in fact, be very careful not to misspell the name or make any other mistake with this.

If the name you chose for your baby has common shorter versions or nicknames, stick to the official name. Your introduction should be for a Robert instead of Bob, or Catherine instead of Cathy or Kate.

The birthday

Another good thing with birth announcement templates is the fact that your friends and family members get a chance to update their calendars. Everyone will update the baby’s birthday on their calendars, so you have to include the date of birth. You can even go further and include the time of birth.


The weight is optional. You can choose to omit it, but it is these simple details that you will remember years down the line when reminiscing on your baby’s birth. Should you choose not to include the weight in the announcement, an assurance to your loved ones on the health of the baby and mother will be just fine.


Who should receive the announcement?

Other than your option to share the announcement on social media in which case the announcement can go to anyone, the following are some of the people who should receive the announcement:

  • Friends and family members- This includes a very close-knit circle of friends and extended family members in case you have a very large family.
  • Guest who attended baby shower- Well, now that the baby is here, it would also be amazing if they were among the first people to receive the good news.
  • Social Media- If you are comfortable with sharing your new bundle of joy with the rest of the world, well, there is no better place to do this than social media.

Sending the birth announcement on time

What is the right time for your friends and family members to receive the good news of your newborn? This is usually at your own discretion, but it is wise to send the announcements soon after giving birth.

It is also understandable that soon after the baby is born, you might be too busy to even remember to send out the announcements. For that reason, you can have someone take care of that for you, or you can schedule the announcements, especially if you have an email list ready.

Just in case you get too busy to remember, do not worry. When things calm down, you can get back to it and announce the baby to the world. Remember, more than anything else, you need to be comfortable with the announcement.

It is common knowledge that the announcement of a new baby can be done at any time within the first 6 months after they are born, so in case you did not have much planned out yet, you have a good window of opportunity.

In case you decide you will be using the baby announcement templates some months after the baby has been born, it would also be a good idea to send the word out to the people you were to send the announcement to, soon after the baby is born. Just inform them of the arrival of the baby, then plan the announcement later when you are comfortable.

Birth Announcement Ideas

Birth Photography – Important part of Baby Announcement Template

The thing with birth announcement ideas through birth photography is that you do not necessarily need to wait until your baby is born. These days you have photographers who go the extra mile. Being experts at birth photography, they can accompany you to the hospital so you never miss a moment, especially the very first moment your child is born.

The ultimate goal of a birth photographer when taking the amazing photos you will use in your birth announcement template is to stay as invisible as possible. Their presence in the delivery room should not interfere with anyone’s natural role or presence in there. Theirs is to document the story of your new baby, and to provide the parents and the family as a whole, something to share with joy through the generations.

For most parents, the process of giving birth is so confusing, a lot of blurry moments, the joy, the suspense and so many emotions that run through their minds, these photos actually help a great deal.

The social media frenzy

More than 80% of mothers have in the past shared photos of their newborn babies online. At least 23% have shared photos of the ultrasound scans the moment the doctor confirms they are indeed pregnant and the baby is healthy. Some even go the long haul and create social media profiles for their babies.

Hate it or love it, social media is here to stay. Some even say it is the future. In case you are planning to announce the birth of your child, there are some simple ways to do it on social media perfectly. Birth photography has always been a good way to document the journey through pregnancy to birth. There are a lot of parents who have heavily invested in this, and through their photos, you can even tell the story of their pregnancy.


Reminder for new parents

This is your baby, your bundle of joy. You do not need to feel pressured into inviting a lot of people or sending announcements to everyone. There are people who should definitely receive the good news, like your parents and close family, your friends and so forth.

As a rule of thumb, only send the announcement to people you share a close connection with. Remember that after all the festivities and celebrations have died down, the work of raising this child is upon the two of you.

You are the ones who will be spending sleepless nights, waking up at 0200Hrs because the baby is uneasy. This is why your close friends and family members should be a top priority. They are the people who will guide you and walk with you through this to the end.

More importantly, there is no mandate of whether or not you owe someone an announcement. Everything you do from here onwards is at your discretion.